Update log

Cookie-Script development progress

Update log

This is the biggest update we have done to the Cookie-Script so far. 

Our team is happy to present you new functionality in Cookie-Script: Cookie Scanner. It allows you to scan your website cookies and list them in the popup box and on Cookie Policy page. 

Your website will be scanned regullary and cookie report will be updated automatically. Cookie Scanner automatically assigns cookies to categories and adds discriptions. 

Right now Cookie Scanner is available for everyone from our frontpage. Best part - you will receive results right away, no need to provide your email address, check spam folder and wait for the report to arrive.

Within upcoming days Cookie Scanner will be available for all Cookie-Script items.

Cookie-Script is a service that helps users to comply with GDPR requirements when it comes to cookies. Our tool is mostly used by website owners, web developers and web agencies.

A lot of our clients are either doing website development or building websites from scratch. For that they usually use some kind of Content Management Systems (CMS), for example Wordpress, Joomla, PrestaShop or OpenCart.


Why Magento?

Another popular e-commerce Content Management System is Magento. It is designed for advanced web shops, has a big community and is considered world's #1 eCommerce Platform. It has been released over 11 years ago and keeps growing and improving.


How to make e-shop with Magento?

Making eCommerce website with Magento is pretty straight forward: just download installation file, unpack it, go through installation process and you are ready to go. However having default looking e-shop is not too professional, so in most cases users need to design or buy pre-designed theme for the e-shop. Making unique design for Magento CMS could be quite pricy and buying pre-designed template will mean some other webshop has the same look.


Template generator - easiest way to start unique Magento e-store.

Another option to start webshop with a custom look and not spend thousands of dollars - use Magento Theme Generator. We are happy to announce that Cookie-Script has partnered with the only web based Magento Theme Generator: Theme Factory.

Theme-Factory is a platform for designing and making Magento Themes online, no need to download or install anything. You can always adjust a look of your webshop as you want, add custom backgrounds, adjust page elements, colors and sizes.


The cool part.

Since Cookie-Script users are often involved in website designing and creation, we are giving away a 50% discount for Theme Factory services. Yes, you heard it right: all Cookie-Script users can use Theme-Factory services with a 50% discount, just use the following code when buying Theme-Factory services: COOKIEDISCOUNT

Cookie-Script popup design was not updated for quite a while and we decided it's time to make pop-up box look more modern. For that we have added an option Pop-up theme in Appearance tab. You can still choose old theme called Rounded, but all new items will have a more modern look by default(theme called Squared). 

You can still choose a type of popup you want to use in design option and adjust all colors in Colors tab (custom colors available only for paid customers).

GDPR rules are complicated and take quite some time to understand. This is why we have added special box next to most important settings to let you know if your settings are GDPR compliant. This is how it looks: 


Those notes are updated dynamically when you change your settings. 

How important is scalability? Very important! aws-servers

Since we are hosting scripts that are user by thousands of websites (you can still host it yourself), it is important to deliver code quickly and super reliably. This is why we have switched to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver content. AWS is one of the most reliable content delivery networks and it will ensure scripts are always available for you. 

Some other parts of updated server arhitecture include: 

Load balancers - highly available, fully-managed service that distribute incoming traffic across infrastructure to increase Cookie-Script availability.

Scalable servers - can be copied and scaled up if necessary. If one goes down, other server takes the requests and service keeps working without interruptions.

We have now created some updates to Cookie-Script as a part of our package to become compliant with GDPR

This batch of updates includes:

1. Option to reject cookies. It's called: "I disagree" button title. If you don't want to show "I disagree" button, leave it empty and script will automatically adjust to hide this button.

2. Option to withdraw consent. Chose Yes in "Allow consent withdrawal". This option will show Cookie-Script icon when pop-up is not displayed. Clicking this icon shows pop-up again and allows visitor to change his setting. More designs for this always visible cookie badge coming soon. 

3. New design that covers whole page. This might be used to make sure visitor makes a choice before using website. 

10000Happy times! We are excited to announce that our users have now created 10.000 cookie popups!

A lot of things were improved since we started thanks to a feedback and ideas from our users. We have changed few hosting companies and now Cookie Script is nice and fast as never before.

We will continue to improve Cookie Script to make sure more users will be thrilled by user-friendly functionality we offer. 

speedWe have recently received few reports about Cookie Script taking more time to load than usual. This might have caused slower website total page load speed. 

We are now happy to inform that those issues have been fixed. According to our tests, Cookie Script pop-up is now loaded within 100 miliseconds in 96% cases during peak hours. This means Cookie Script pop-up will not influence even fastest website performance.

Note that premium users can always download and host JavaScript files themeselves.

hostingNew shiny servers! That's what we got to ensure best user experience and performance for all cookie consent pop-ups.

Cookie-Script is growing fast and soon one server will not be able to handle all requests. That's why we got some extra power to split server load between several machines. 


We now show a small copyright text in a cookie pop-up box. This copyright text is only shown in free membership plan and looks like this:



This text is not shown in premium membership plan.

Copyright text does not make any influence on website SEO and is shown after the whole website is loaded.

  Go Premium


Happy birthday to cookie-script! Today we got 1000-th cookie script created by our users.

We would like to thank everyone who is using cookie script, it’s all thanks to you!

“Special thanks” goes to people who gave us feedback and helped to improve our solution.

We are proud to say that our cookie script pop-ups are shown more than 600.000 times per day! And more than 35.000 users accept with cookie policy every day.

We got several requests to make a new minimalistic design, similar to the one used by ryanair.com website.

We are now happy to announce that new design has been implemented and available when creating new cookie script item. In order to use it, select the following design option:

minimalistic design

As a result, you will have the following pop-up box on your website:


Similar to other designs, this one can be placed top/bottom and left/right.

New design is not usual since there is no “I agree” button. Instead, it was replaced by a close button marked with “x”. Closing button is colored same way as “I agree” button, so users with premium subscription can change background color of circle and color of “x” inside.

Link to your cookie policy is placed right after the description, therefore you can end your description with something like “in accordance with our” and then make cookie policy title “Cookie Policy”. You will get similar result as on the screenshot above.

Go ahead and try new design in action. If you have any comments, please let us know.

Cookie Script has been updated to version 1.2 . List of improvements:

  • Fixed - Cookie Script copyrights link have been added to "Slim line" template. According to list of features, copyrights link will be shown in free version. You can always upgrade to "Premium" plan to remove copyright link from your cookie pop-up.
  • Fixed - Cookie Statistics was not working for few clients for the last 2 days.
  • Updated - Some styles for pop-up box have been updated to be shown correctly on all sites.

As always, feel free to contact us in case you have any problems with updated Cookie Script.

We have added new preview button to make creating and editing of cookie pop-up even easier. Click it and see your changes right away on the same page. New button looks like this:


You will find it when editing cookie script for one of your websites.

We are proud to inform you that Cookie Script has been updated to version 1.1 . Here is a list of improvements:

  • Fixed - cookie pop-up showing on all pages even if agreed in some IE and Opera versions. 
  • Fixed - cookie-script.com not showing some pages correctly in IE 7 and 8. 
  • Fixed - demo page changing widht on IE 9 when trying to view demo result.
  • Tested - cookie pop-up was tested on all versions of Opera, Chrome, FireFox, Safari and IE. Special thanks to  http://www.browserstack.com 
  • Tested - cookie-script.com website (also responsiveness) tested on all versions of Opera, Chrome, FireFox, Safari and IE.

We would like to thank all users for their input and feedback on issues with Cookie Script.

There is still a big To-do list waiting to be implemented. As always, we will keep you posted on all updates and changes. As for now - have fun using cookie-script.com! 

It is always a good idea to keep your clients informed. That is why we are starting this "News" or "Blog" section where you will find all the latest news about cookie-script.com and EU Cookie Law. Have fun reading!