Update log

Cookie-Script development progress

Statistics tool update

Big update to our statistics. We are now collecting every interaction with any element on cookie banner, accepting/declining cookies, closing banner, reading cookie policy, etc. Cookie statistics tool now also allows you to track what categories were actively selected by visitor. All data is presented in updated charts. Actions data is grouped and not personalized, so it cannot be considered private data, which means no user agreement needed to collect it. 

2020 03 02


  • Complete re-build of statistics tool.
  • Added more charts to visualize all data
  • Collecting more information about user actions

Things to note:

  • Depending on when your cookie banner was created, you might need to re-save your cookie-script item for it to start using new statistics tool.

Custom cookies update

This update is aimed on cookie report, which can now be deleted or modified


  • New functionality: delete existing report (used to re-scan website)
  • New functionality: add custom cookie to cookie report
  • New functionality: delete any cookie from cookie report


  • minor bug fixes

Major functionality and design update

This is one of the biggest updates in design of Cookie-Script pop-up. It also includes a lot of cool features and settings related to behaviour and look of cookie pop-up box.


  • New options added: show / hide any elements. Possibility to disable any element in the pop-up box
  • New option added: check all cookie category checkboxes by default
  • New option added: rounded or square button style
  • New buttons added: accept all / reject all / close icon
  • New improved analytics: now tracking clicks on new elements with a help of Amazon Web Services


  • Complete re-design of cookie pop-up boxes from scratch. Designed for better feel and look
  • Removed one of cookie pop-up box designs. It's now part of of first design
  • Unused cookie categories are not displayed in cookie pop-up box
  • Cookie policy link moved to main text
  • Cookie badge completely re-designed: fancy animation and nicer look
  • Updated hints and descriptions for all options according to new design changes

Things to note:

  • New design and changes will only appear after you re-save your Cookie-Script item (or click Update all button in your account)
  • Since there are new options, there are default values assigned to them. You might need to consider if you want to change those default settings on existing items
  • It is not recommended to click Update all button if you have a lot of Cookie-Script items due to auto assigned default values which you might want to change
  • Due to major design updates, there might be some styling issues in very special cases. You are always welcome to drop us a line and we will fix those issues ASAP

Custom cookie category names and updated consent log

We are continuing to update Cookie-Script functionality to include customization for cookie categories. In addition some more changes were done to consent log, now it includes more necessary information.


  • Custom names for cookie categories
  • Translatable names for cookie categories for every additional language
  • Possibility to enable third-party scripts by cookie category


  • Downloadable consent log now includes categories that were selected
  • Downloadable consent log now includes text of cookie consent popup that was displayed when accepting cookie usage

California geo-targeting added

We are happy to announce that Cookie-Script now supports geo-targeting for both EU or California as a part of our update pack for California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Detailed instructions on how to use geo-targeting can be found geo-targeting instructions page.


  • Geo-targeting users from California
  • Geo-targeting users from both California and EU
  • Integration page showing instuctions to integate Cookie-Script to most used systems


  • Improved design for page with cookie consent code to be copied

Cookie categories and report page

In addition to our latest update, which allows you to scan your website cookies, we have also implemented possibility for visitors to choose what categories of cookies they want to allow. Furthermore, website owners can now show cookie report on cookie policy page. More important updates are on the way. 


  • Category selection for cookie consent popup
  • Automatically generated report for cookie policy page


  • Report page design

Now accepting credit cards

As requested by many customers, we have added an option to pay with Credit Card using one of most popular credit card processors Stripe.


  • Sopport for credit cards when buying subscription

Cookie scanner added

This is the biggest update we have done to the Cookie-Script so far. 

Our team is happy to present you new functionality in Cookie-Script: Cookie Scanner. It allows you to scan your website cookies and list them in the popup box and on Cookie Policy page. 

Your website will be scanned regullary and cookie report will be updated automatically. Cookie Scanner automatically assigns cookies to categories and adds discriptions. 

Right now Cookie Scanner is available for everyone from our frontpage. Best part - you will receive results right away, no need to provide your email address, check spam folder and wait for the report to arrive.

Within upcoming days Cookie Scanner will be available for all Cookie-Script items.

Magento Template Generator - discount for all Cookie-Script users

Cookie-Script is a service that helps users to comply with GDPR requirements when it comes to cookies. Our tool is mostly used by website owners, web developers and web agencies.

A lot of our clients are either doing website development or building websites from scratch. For that they usually use some kind of Content Management Systems (CMS), for example Wordpress, Joomla, PrestaShop or OpenCart.

Why Magento?

Another popular e-commerce Content Management System is Magento. It is designed for advanced web shops, has a big community and is considered world's #1 eCommerce Platform. It has been released over 11 years ago and keeps growing and improving.

How to make e-shop with Magento?

Making eCommerce website with Magento is pretty straight forward: just download installation file, unpack it, go through installation process and you are ready to go. However having default looking e-shop is not too professional, so in most cases users need to design or buy pre-designed theme for the e-shop. Making unique design for Magento CMS could be quite pricy and buying pre-designed template will mean some other webshop has the same look.

Template generator - easiest way to start unique Magento e-store.

Another option to start webshop with a custom look and not spend thousands of dollars - use Magento Theme Generator. We are happy to announce that Cookie-Script has partnered with the only web based Magento Theme Generator: Theme Factory.

Theme-Factory is a platform for designing and making Magento Themes online, no need to download or install anything. You can always adjust a look of your webshop as you want, add custom backgrounds, adjust page elements, colors and sizes.

The cool part.

Since Cookie-Script users are often involved in website designing and creation, we are giving away a 50% discount for Theme Factory services. Yes, you heard it right: all Cookie-Script users can use Theme-Factory services with a 50% discount, just use the following code when buying Theme-Factory services: COOKIEDISCOUNT